Artificial Intelligence services

  • Artificial Intelligence Strategy:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents organizations with the highly needed competitive edge and in-depth knowledge to gain value, enter new markets, and optimize processes.


  • Knowledge Mining


knowledge mining helps uncover latent insights in all types of information, much of the information that’s critical to business exists in unstructured formats like PDFs, images, videos, audio files, paper documents, and even handwritten notes. There’s key information in this content that isn’t readily visible or available to process.


  • Knowledge Mining use cases:


  1. Contract Analysis & Management (across industry).
  2. Enhance EDMS with enterprise search & analysis (across industries & platforms).
  3. Archiving/Digitizing &Historical Data (across industry).
  4. RPA & Forms Data Extraction (Insurance Companies, Banks, Government Entities, Telcos, Retailers, etc.).
  5. Bid-Management (Construction, Oil&Gas, and any organization with complex procurement process)


  • Machine Learning & AI


Unlock the power of machine learning by infusing custom algorithms into your existing processes and applications, our data scientists can help you succeed in data driven decision making and have a better understanding of your data.


  • AI use cases (Azure Kinect)

Utilizing Azure Kinect sensors, body tracking, and computer vision capabilities to build modernized solutions for retail, healthcare and sport entities.

  • AI Vision use cases


  1. ANPR –Gates & visitors management
  2. HSE –PPE & Equipment Hazard Detection
  3. Crowd Analytics, Heat maps, and Footfall Analysis


  • AI NLP use cases


Social Media Analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Brand Management
  • Media Monitoring


Intelligent Agents

  • Conversational Bots
  • ServiceBots