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Wisdom Board

Wisdom Board is a pioneering, community-centric and highly experts in ProfTechs managing boards, each of them is covering few technology areas in his/her 18+ years of Business Digital Transformation experience in global markets. In brief, they are the backbone of ProfTechs, and the main architects of our client’s solutions.

Omar Mowahed

Applications Development Business Unit Manager lead, Architect & technology specialist with 14 years of experience in mobile and web development and mobile solution architecture and involved in 20+ big successful mobile and web application developments for the top-notch government organization and private companies in UAE, KSA, Oman, and Qatar.

Khaled Sadeddin

Senior Growth Master & Management Consultant khalid Helped to launch & Coached over a 100 Startup companies in the Middle East in the last 5 years. A top notch consultant with more than 25 years of professional experience spanning North America and the Middle East. Khaled has been involved in the startup scene in the USA since 1999 and continues to be so to date.

Mohammad Almomani

Venture Building | Innovation Management Mohammad holds an MSc degree (with distinction) in Innovation Management (Heriot Watt),.A strategy advisor and venture builder with 15 years of experience and Successfully launched multiple start-ups and worked on multi-scale projects like local and federal governments, energy, sustainability & education.

Mohammed Al-Qurashi

Founder Business Development Specialist with a passion in working for the information technology and services industry

Don't Wait ‘Till The Last Moment

Tailoring your suit . .. ...

Its all about collaboration. Our deep believe is the Creativity & Innovation. Two consultants’ ideas are better than one and absolutely nothing is better than putting your pain under our (Wisdom-Board) microscope to get analyzed and solved by the latest updated technology which:

  1. fits your setup and budget
  2. guarantee your immediate business running
  3. and achieve the (beyond-expected) outcome of your Digital Transformational plan

we are the experts, and your investment comes definitely, in the right place.

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