CYFIRMA Appoints ProfTechs as its Distributor for Qatar, Strengthening Cybersecurity Resilience in the Face of Escalating Threats

February 19, 2024

CYFIRMA, the leading provider of external threat landscape management platform company, today announce the appointment of ProfTechs, an innovative emerging technology distributer, that focus on Cybersecurity and Cloud, as its distributor for the Qatar market. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in fortifying Qatar’s cybersecurity landscape amidst the surge in cyber threats, ransomware attacks, and escalating digital risk.

Qatar has witnessed a sharp increase in cyberattacks as the digital environment becomes more complex with the threat landscape evolving rapidly. The escalating instances of misinformation and disinformation campaigns add an additional layer of risk, emphasizing the critical need for visibility of the external threat landscape supported by advanced intelligence.

CYFIRMA’s cutting-edge DeCYFIR technology is positioned to be a game-changer in the fight against cyber threats. DeCYFIR is the leading External Threat Landscape Management platform (ETLM) providing seven threat views on a single pane of glass – attack surface discovery, vulnerability intelligence, brand intelligence, digital risk monitoring, situational awareness, third-party risk monitoring and cyber-intelligence. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, DeCYFIR provides real-time, predictive insights into potential breaches, empowering organizations to proactively defend against attacks and mitigate risks effectively.

According to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Qatar’s cybersecurity market size is expected to grow 10 percent per year, making it worth nearly US$1.5 billion by 2026. This presents a substantial opportunity for cybersecurity vendors to contribute to the country’s digital resilience and safeguard critical assets.

“ProfTechs is honored to be appointed as CYFIRMA’s distributor for the Qatar market. As a leading contributor and innovative technology provider, especially in of the Cybersecurity and Cloud solutions, we recognize the urgent need for proactive threat intelligence in today’s dynamic digital landscape,” said Ghaith Al-Qurashi, Founder and CEO of ProfTechs. “CYFIRMA’s DeCYFIR technology is a formidable addition to our portfolio, offering our clients advanced capabilities to stay ahead of cyber threats and secure their digital assets.”

CYFIRMA’s Founder and CEO, Kumar Ritesh, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “Qatar represents a key market in our global expansion strategy. The government has developed the 2022 Cybersecurity Framework for government institutions, critical infrastructure stakeholders, and businesses, guiding these organizations on the path towards cyber resilience. We believe that ProfTechs, with its strong market presence and commitment to cybersecurity excellence, is the ideal partner to bring DeCYFIR’s capabilities to organizations in Qatar in support of the government’s push to strengthen cyber posture for the nation.”

The combination of CYFIRMA’s advanced external threat intelligence and ProfTechs’ expertise in cybersecurity solutions creates a robust defense against emerging threats, empowering organizations in Qatar to navigate the digital future with confidence.

ProfTechs was established in the GCC in 2013, offering specialized ICT and consultancy services to its clients. In 2021, ProfTechs expanded its operations to Qatar, becoming the central hub for distributing creativity and innovation. The primary objective is to revolutionize the innovative output for enterprises in the region by actively seeking global innovative solutions and introducing them to the GCC. Currently, ProfTechs has formed significant business partnerships with niche tech providers worldwide, enabling its clients to achieve digital transformation and enhance their business productivity. goals from day one.

CYFIRMA is an external threat landscape management platform company. We combine cyber intelligence with attack surface discovery and digital risk protection to deliver early warning, personalized, contextual, outside-in, and multi-layered insights. Our cloud-based AI and ML-powered analytics platforms provide the hacker’s view with deep insights into the external cyber landscape, helping clients prepare for impending attacks. CYFIRMA is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Japan, India, the US, and the EU. Customers include both government as well as Fortune 500 companies across manufacturing, financial services, retail, industrial products, natural resources and pharmaceutical industries. Visit to learn more.

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